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    Ever feel like achieving your health and weight loss goals is an uphill battle? How good would it feel to have some of the struggles smoothed out? 

    The three SIMPLE features below do exactly that. They’re packed with powerful scientific insights and a whole heap of human compassion — a pretty rare combo (especially for tech apps), but one that really punches up your ability to reach your goals.  

    Because it’s Employee Appreciation Day (and just because we love them), we’re passing the mic to Ro, Josie, and Krista — three of the incredible women shaping the science at SIMPLE — to tell you all about how. 

    Three of Simple’s women in science, smiling
    Curious how we keep our app evidence-based and effective? Learn about three of our top features, straight from the women who put the science into SIMPLE.

    How Avo™ learned to coach like a human

    Avo is the in-app AI coach that guides our users to reach their health goals, through daily, motivational coaching that’s positive, compassionate, and solution-focused. 

    How? Because we trained it that way. 

    Coach Avo will answer your nutrition and wellness questions with simple language, practical guidance, and genuine empathy. It proactively sends tips and suggestions to you when you need them. 

    It’s not just about getting information, though. Social support is crucial to achieving your health and fitness goals. Avo’s the team member you never knew you had — always happy to listen, never in a bad mood, and available whether it’s midday or 2 AM. No appointment needed. 

    Check out how we trained Avo to be full of human warmth, super-smart, and a really good listener with Ro Huntriss, our Chief Nutrition Officer.

    Food feedback that fuels your confidence 

    At SIMPLE, we don’t believe that any foods are “good” or “bad”. Every food has an impact on our health and weight, and we need to eat a wide range to fully support our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

    Our Nutrition Scores feature is built on that foundation — as well as accurate, robust science.

    Nutrition Scores doesn’t count calories; it tells you how nutrient-rich and calorie-dense your meal is and the impact of that on your overall health. It helps you eat a more balanced diet by adding a highly practical feedback loop to your meal tracking habit. You’ll find no judgment here either — just encouragement to do more of what works for you. 

    Think of it as an interactive food diary that tells you where you’re going right

    Learn how we created this diet-free, daily nutrition tool that boosts your healthy eating mojo with Josie Porter, our Senior Dietitian.

    (PS if you love to eat out and eat healthy, check out our NutriScanner to unlock the nutritional value of any menu.)

    SIMPLE’s daily coaching: powered by proven behavior change psychology

    We weave behavior change psychology into every aspect of the SIMPLE app.

    Because body and health transformations aren’t just about healthy eating or physical activity. Your success relies on how you approach change. How you think about it (and yourself). How you break it down — or don’t. 

    When you’re supported to:  

    1. adopt a strengths-based focus
    2. practice behavior activation (aka small, doable steps that you can do every day)
    3. build awareness

    your ability to practice new, healthy habits increases exponentially. These three techniques are powerful and proven. 

    Curious? Let Krista Scott-Dixon, our Product Director and Chief (Anti-New Year’s) Resolutions Officer, walk you through it. 

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