SIMPLE: part nutrition guide, part science geek, part trusted friend

We focus on giving you information that makes you feel confident, inspired, and supported on your unique health journey. Our editorial guidelines are the tracks we roll on to do exactly that.

Our team is committed to working hard and smart to make sure our content speaks to you and meets your needs in the real world. We chase that golden moment where you, reading one of our articles, say to yourself, “Wow. It’s like they know me!”

Our goals

At SIMPLE, our team is made up of dietitians, PhDs, medical doctors, and coaching experts who are all dedicated to helping YOU live your best life. We understand how humans work. How people can change. How to reach goals that make us feel happier in our bodies.

We want to pass that knowledge on to you.

  • We want you to feel focused and clear, so we break down tricky concepts into small, digestible chunks with simple next steps.
  • We want you to feel empowered and safe to try new things, so we lay out the scientific evidence, give you both sides of the story, and help you identify your best option.
  • We want you to feel seen, heard, and understood, so we write truthfully about the struggles with empathy, compassion, and awareness. 
  • We want you to have a friend on the journey to remind you that you’re not alone, help light the way, and maybe make you laugh a little too. 
  • We want you to feel welcome here, so we use inclusive language, check our biases, and never judge.

Our editorial guidelines

We write for real people

You’re not a robot. And robots don’t write and review our articles. The real people at SIMPLE do. These folks write, review, and fact-check every article before it’s released into the wild for you to read so it’s accurate, high quality, readable, and impactful.

But not just that. They also make sure our content resonates with your lived experiences, hopes, and dreams.

Every idea is evidence-based

The SIMPLE team has deep, extensive wisdom and expertise in health improvement, behavior change, nutritional science, and transformational coaching. Everything we share with you is science-backed and real-world tested.

We fill our content with actionable, hopeful solutions

Improving your health isn’t easy. We understand the challenges and we know that you often seek out articles like ours in moments of pain, despair, stress, and crisis.  

Ultimately, when you read our content, it shouldn’t just be entertaining and interesting. It should be easy to understand and practical. It should move you. Give you a sense of “Dang it, YES! I can do this!” Make you feel like your goals are possible and within reach. 

Every word matters

What we write creates the relationship between you and us, and we take that seriously. Through our words, we infuse trust, warmth, optimism, and collaboration into our relationship with you, so you can:

  • learn
  • improve your health
  • live better
  • take action
  • feel supported

That’s what drives us to write. Your well-being matters. To you and to us.