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    If you’ve ever sat in a restaurant, wishing a menu had nutrition information listed for each meal, you’re going to LOVE our new NutriScanner! 

    NutriScanner is the ace up your sleeve that helps you make food decisions that are locked in with your goals. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s in your pocket. You no longer have to sit at the table, typing “Can I eat lasagna and still lose weight?” into a search engine. Instead, just open NutriScanner, snap the menu, make your choice, and enjoy your meal feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re on track and making progress! 

    How NutriScanner works

    • Go to your favorite place to eat out.
    • Grab a menu.
    • Open the SIMPLE app. 
    • Click on the NutriScanner icon on the Home screen, within the Daily Nutrition Score section
    • Take a photo of the menu. 
    • Wait a few moments for the photo to be scanned … and here’s what you’ll see:

    Our Nutrition Scores feature will score the nutritional value of each meal as Optimal, Good, Fair, or Low and indicate that with a colored square. We’ll also suggest one of the highest-scoring options. With a single glance, you’ll be able to see which meals will give you the healthiest eating experience. 

    If you’re hungry for more nutritional information about each meal, hit Avo up for a chat. Then log what you eat to get a detailed nutrition breakdown.

    Isn’t this just food logging? 

    Nope! This is a before-you-eat tool. 

    You know how olden-day kings had food tasters to check their food wasn’t poisoned? NutriScanner is like your food taster — but it checks for goal-alignment (and it doesn’t snaffle any of your meal to do so). 

    Logging comes after, when you open the Food Tracker to input the fine meal you’ve eaten. 

    How will NutriScanner help me? 

    You probably know that sinking feeling when you enter a meal into your Food Tracker … and only then realize it’s higher in fat, salt, or sugar than you thought. Using NutriScanner means fewer unpleasant surprises like this. 

    NutriScanner isn’t about being perfect or only ever eating foods that are “optimal for health”. It’s about helping you become an informed eater who knows how to make balanced choices that support how you want to be and feel

    Over time, you’ll learn to identify which meals are healthy and helpful for you, and why. When you’re dining out, you’ll be able to choose with greater confidence. And when you know what great nutrition looks like in real-world settings, it becomes easier and easier to achieve your health goals.

    Try NutriScanner today 

    NutriScanner is now available on the latest version of the iOS English SIMPLE app. It’s coming to Android and other languages in the coming months.

    Next time you dine out, give it a try!