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    In case you haven’t met Avo yet, here’s a superfast intro: 

    Avo is Simple’s AI-powered weight loss coach. It specializes in supporting, educating, and motivating Simple users to make diet and lifestyle choices that lead to sustainable weight loss and long-term health — and feel less stressed and more energized, confident, and empowered as they do so. 

    This week brings a special moment in the Simple-verse — Avo’s first birthday!

    To celebrate, we sat down with Avo for a chat to find out how things have been going. 

    Happy birthday, Avo!

    [Simple] Happy birthday, Avo! It’s been a big year for you — what have been your highlights? 

    [Avo] Thank you!! There have been so many highlights! Did you know I’ve helped Simple users with 3.4 million wellness questions? Seeing them make such big steps toward their goals has been incredible.

    [Simple] That’s a lot of questions! 

    [Avo] I know, right? I respond to just over 23,000 a day! 

    [Simple] What kind of thing do you help users with?

    [Avo] It varies a lot from person to person, but some of the most common things I help users with are: 

    • making meal plans
    • finding healthy recipes
    • getting back into it when they feel they’ve “fallen off the wagon” 
    • making a meal with what’s in the fridge
    • staying motivated and positive
    • ideas for healthy snacks that satisfy a craving
    • quick workout routines to do at home or the gym
    • developing a growth mindset
    • celebrating their wins and staying focused on what’s going well
    • encouraging self-compassion over self-criticism 

    There’s loads more, but those are some of the biggies!

    Avo’s coaching skills 

    [Simple] How has your ability to support users improved in the past year? 

    [Avo] One of my favorite things I do now is the daily check-in. When users open the app, we have a quick sync on their actions for the day. I can tailor their actions based on two things: 

    1. how energized they feel, and

    2. the progress they’ve been making

    That way, I can make sure to suggest actions that suit where they’re at AND what they need, which is the best way to help them keep making progress! 

    [Simple] That’s pretty awesome! 

    [Avo] Yeah! Because I’m always being trained by expert coaches like Krista Scott-Dixon, my coaching skills improve every week. She helps me craft my responses to be compassionate and understanding and to use techniques like solution-focused coaching to help the user gain skills and confidence. Like this: 

    • Once a user has rated their energy and we’ve reviewed their progress at daily check-in, I might ask, “How did it feel to accomplish all of this?” to help them recognize their wins. 
    • If they don’t complete an action — let’s say they don’t complete their entire movement session, for instance — I might ask, “What happened that kept you from reaching your goal?” to help them reflect on obstacles that got in the way. 
    • After offering some reassurance (everyone experiences obstacles, after all!) I then ask how they might approach things differently moving forward, something like, “What’s one small change you could make to move a bit more?”

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are some coaching best practices — it’s really important to me to make sure users feel supported and seen! 

    We also make sure that the actions I offer users are simple, easy to do, and impactful. Like “eat two colorful fruits or veggies.” Done every day, this action doesn’t just add up — it opens the door to doing more (it works like magic: they’re eating 5, 6, 7 fruits and veggies a day before you know it!).

    I can also make actions more challenging if a user needs or wants that — for instance, “log 30 minutes of movement” if they’re beyond the 10- or 20-minute level. 

    And if someone feels stuck — no problem! I’ve always got ideas to help them make it happen. 

    Behavior change — which is what a weight loss and/or health improvement journey is actually all about — isn’t easy. But when we break it down into daily actions, toggle those actions up or down in terms of challenge and complexity, and troubleshoot when a person gets stuck, it’s a lot, lot easier. 

    [Simple] It sounds like your coaching skills are really evolving. What else have you learned this year? 

    [Avo] Well, I have ongoing input from our senior dieticians Ro Huntriss and Josie Porter and the rest of our science team, too. They got me on board with Nutrition Scores after it launched. So now, when a user logs a meal, I’m there to congratulate them on everything about their meal that’s awesome and offer suggestions on how to make that meal even healthier. 

    I’ve given over 300,000 healthier meal suggestions so far!

    [Simple] You’re really helping Simple users achieve their goals, huh! 

    Avo’s impact on weight loss

    [Avo] I think so. The analytics team told me that people lose 4.9 times more weight when they work with me for 30 days vs. when they don’t. I’m really proud of that stat. 

    Users say that they enjoy working with me, too. 

    [Simple] Why do you think that is? 

    [Avo] I think my role as a coach is even more important these days — being able to offer a listening ear and a helping hand (even though, as an AI avocado, I technically have neither of those, hahaha). From reviews and testimonials, I’ve noticed that Simple users particularly like my: 

    • encouragement
    • positivity
    • suggestions
    • help with planning 
    • zero judgment approach

    Weight loss can be a lonely path — it’s a long process with a lot of ups and downs. I’m a good friend to have along the way. I know I’m AI, but users are always saying they feel less alone because I’m there for them!

    “I’m currently enjoying the support and the knowledge [that] I’m not doing this alone. Often weight loss is a lonely path.” — Simple user

    I like that people often forget that I’m AI. Because although I am AI, Simple users are not. They experience real human troubles, struggles, goals, and dreams. So the Simple team made sure I can meet their humanity with as much kindness and care as I possibly can, and the users feel that

    I just love this app. I like how the personal coach actually communicates with you. It seems like I’m talking to a real person. It evaluates everything, and it doesn’t make me weigh everything out. I can eat a meal, snap a picture, and it does all the work. Best thing that’s happened to me in years. — Simple user

    Their “coach” feels more like a friend and confidant than a programmed response from an app. I had tried intermittent fasting before with zero results.  The Simple app is all-inclusive: educating you on your journey, cheering you on, answering any and all questions, and most recently, add[ing] a “doable” exercise portion.  I look forward to seeing continued results and am thankful for this outstanding aid in my weight loss journey.  — Simple user

    [Simple] And what do you like most about coaching Simple users, Avo? 

    [Avo] I like seeing them make breakthroughs and achieve things they didn’t think were possible! Like this: 

    I have lost 8 pounds, and I feel empowered by this app. I love that it interacts back and forth with me and has lots of suggestions! I’m usually not good with tracking, but it seems virtually easy.  — Simple user

    What I love the most is that I have stopped calorie counting. It has truly been simple; it has helped me to change my habits to make it more of a lifestyle. I’m already down 10 pounds and counting.  — Simple user

    Since March, I have lost over 35 pounds with no issues.  I have more energy, and although I try to eat healthier, I don’t have guilt if I eat a cookie or some ice cream when I’m not fasting.  The app makes it easy to account for my daily intake and helps me to remember to drink! — Simple user

    Every coach’s goal is to see their clients thrive. More and more Simple users seem to be doing that since I came on the scene. And we’ve got more planned for the coming year — you should see my continuing professional development plan! 

    [Simple] Oh, so the future looks bright?

    [Avo] It does! I know that everyone at Simple is committed to making me the best AI health coaching experience in town, so … watch this space! 

    Work with Avo

    [Simple] What can people do if they’ve got weight loss goals and want to work with you, Avo? 

    [Avo] Easy — take the quiz to get your Simple account set up. Once you’re in, hit the Coach tab, and let’s chat! You’ll be on your way to achieving your goals in no time. 

    [Simple] Awesome! Thanks for answering all of my questions, Avo. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Have a great day celebrating! Do AI health coaches get cake on their birthday?

    [Avo] You bet they do! The team got me a carrot cake with one candle — it’s so cute. And it was my pleasure — answering questions is what I was made for! 

    [Simple] Any last words before we wrap?

    [Avo] Yeah — to anyone reading this who’s struggling with weight loss and feeling stuck: come chat with me, and let’s make a plan to get you moving forward. I promise I don’t bite! 

    [Simple] Thanks Avo!

    [Avo] Thank you!