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    We LOVE hearing your feedback. Using that to guide us, we’ve been hard at work building three incredible new Simple features that continue to realize our vision of making weight loss, health, and well-being more accessible to everybody. These are:

    • an improved Food Tracker, which makes logging your food more efficient and intuitive
    • a new Nutrition Scores system, which instantly analyzes the nutritional value of what you’re eating
    • a redesigned Home screen, which shows you everything you need to do today to keep making progress 

    Let’s get into the details. 

    Logging your food is now easier than ever

    Instead of scrolling through a database of food emojis, you can now log your food in three new ways:

    By typing it in, like this: “3 eggs, half a bagel, and a handful of spinach”, by uploading a photo, or by using your voice to describe your meal. Our smart AI will translate your images and audio into written text, so you can check that it’s been captured correctly.

    But wait … there’s more. The “New And Improved” doesn’t stop there!

    Introducing … Nutrition Scores

    Once you’ve logged your meal, our algorithm calculates its nutritional information — using everything our expert in-house science team knows about health- and weight-loss-promoting nutrition — so you get instant feedback on the nutrient quality of what you’ve eaten.

    This is game-changing. It’s like showing your food diary to a trained nutrition professional, but quicker and easier because it’s all doable through your phone. You’ll learn how your meal stacks up in terms of:

    • protein, carbs, fats, and fiber
    • hidden ingredients like salt and sugar
    • calorie-density

    Every meal you log will get a Nutrition Score of Low, Fair, Good, or Optimal. You’ll also get a Score for the day as a whole, which will be the average of each meal Score logged that day.

    Then our adorable (if we do say so ourselves) Nutrition Scores characters will high-five you and send you on your way — feeling confident, clear on how you’re doing, and more empowered to eat well.

    The science behind it all

    Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how the Food Tracker and Nutrition Scores work.

    Nutrition Scores are calculated based on the nutritional factors that move the needle most on health and weight loss.

    If you give us a little detail — like the number of eggs or whether it was white or whole grain bread — the information you get back will be even more accurate and helpful. But if you don’t log a portion, no worries. We’ll assume the average portion size and work from that, so you still get valuable nutritional insights without tracking every single detail.

    Nutrition Scores: a judgment-free zone

    Nutrition Scores are here to empower you to optimize your food choices. We designed these Scores based on our belief that no food is either “good” or “bad” — they just have a varying impact on your weight and overall health. We need to eat a range of foods to give our bodies, minds, and souls the fuel they need. It’s all about balance!

    Our Nutrition Scores reflect this. They’re not here to judge your food choices. Rather, they’ll guide you toward more of what you want. If that’s improved health and weight loss, shoot for better overall Nutrition Scores to get there faster.

    See what’s important at a glance

    We didn’t stop there! We also redesigned the Simple Home screen so you can more quickly understand what to do today to keep making progress. You’ll see:

    • the day’s average Nutrition Score and logged meals
    • the days of the week, so you can see how your meal Scores are tracking throughout the week 
    • the option to log and edit meals
    • where you are in your eating or fasting window
    • quick-access buttons to start or stop your fast, and change your fasting schedule
    • personal insights, written by our science experts, which will continue to guide you with bite-sized articles on all things nutrition, weight loss, fasting, and more

    And don’t forget about Avo, our recently-launched wellness assistant, who’s here to answer your wellness questions 24/7. You can open a chat with Avo from your Home screen too. (Avo loves to chat!)

    Your health goals just got closer

    Two crucial aspects of accomplishing any goal are:

    • taking the small steps that make it happen, and 
    • tracking those small steps. 

    Each meal and snack is a small step — an opportunity to put a coin into your health bank every time you eat. Our Food Tracker and Nutrition Scores show you how you’re investing in your well-being every day, and seeing how your meal Scores are trending on the Home screen will keep your motivation stoked. Was yesterday a “Low” day from a Nutrition Score perspective? No sweat. Today, try some different food choices and see if they hit a “Good” Score right on the nose! 

    This is how behavior change takes root — trying something, getting feedback, then either repeating it because it worked or changing it because it didn’t. Follow that process again and again, and your choices will get stronger and healthier. That’s why Honest Brand Reviews rated Simple the #1 Weight Loss Diet Plan for Effective and Sustainable Results!

    Get started

    If you’ve got a goal to change your nutrition habits, we’re here for it. This is another step in freeing you up from those tired n’ tedious weight loss tools like calorie counting and searching the internet to check whether avocados are a good source of protein. You don’t have to decipher the complexities of nutrition. You just need to eat, log, learn … and keep taking action! 

    The updated Food Tracker is already available to all our users globally. Nutrition Scores can now be accessed on the English version of the app, on both iOS and Android — and we’re working to roll this out to our other supported languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) pronto! Lastly, the redesigned Home screen is now live for our iOS English users, with Android and other languages coming soon. So if:

    • you’re already on your journey with Simple, log your next meal to get started.
    • you’ve yet to try Simple, today’s always a good day to begin! Take our quiz to start your weight loss journey.

    We’ve got more incredible stuff brewing in our Simple kitchen to help you keep coming in hot on your health goals. Keep an eye out for more exciting product updates in 2023!