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Discover health via good nutrition — the Simple way

Intermittent Fasting is Your Key to Better Health

Intermittent fasting gives your body the time to recover after digestion. That’s when all the amazing benefits kick in.

Weight management

Optimize your calorie intake and boost your fat-burning engine.

Mental clarity

Boost your brain functioning for maximum energy and life zest

Improved metabolic health

From cholesterol and blood glucose, to cellular aging and longevity benefits

Learn to fast the healthy way

It’s easier than it seems and tons of fun with Simple!

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Simple Highlights

Get tailored support and motivation to live your best, healthiest life!

Tailored Guidance

We’ll tailor your personal intermittent fasting plan based on your details, also logging your progress and eating patterns.

Fasting & Meal Tracker

Our intuitive fasting tracker guides you every day, telling you when to eat (and when to stop). Adapt it to your lifestyle and even get nutritional info on your meals.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

Get expert-led, evidence-backed advice educating and motivating you — all based on your eating habits and progress.

Know yourself

We’ll show you what’s happening inside your body, depending on your fasting stage — from ketosis to immune cell regeneration!

Stay motivated

We’ll keep you on track with our motivational advice and habit-creation techniques − hit those goals and champion new ones!

Inspire your friends

Share your success with your friends and motivate them to lead healthier lifestyles — sharing is caring.


Simple intermittent fasting app

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