Simple Intermittent Fasting App

Small Changes.
Lasting Results.

The Best-in-Class Intermittent Fasting app for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Intermittent Fasting is Your Key to Better Health

Intermittent fasting gives your body the time to rest and recover after the extensive work of digestion. That’s when all the amazing health benefits kick in.

Weight loss and control

Optimize your calorie intake and boost your fat-burning engine.

Mental clearness

Boost your mental capabilities and increase life energy

Extended lifespan

Clean your body and prolong your healthy life

Learn to fast the healthy way

It’s easier than it seems, and is genuinely engaging with the Simple fasting app!

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Simple Highlights

Get personal support and motivation to live a better, healthier life!

Personal Coach

We will tailor a personal intermittent fasting plan for you, based on your details, your progress, and your eating patterns logged with our app.

Fasting & Meal Tracker

Our intelligent fasting tracker will guide you every day, telling you when to eat and when to fast. It will adapt to your life and adjust your fasting times based on your behavior.


We will educate and motivate you with our exclusive, curated content delivered to you personally based on your progress, your habits, and your eating patterns.

Know yourself

We'll show you what's happening inside your body anytime, depending on your fasting stage! From ketosis to immune cell regeneration!

Stay motivated

We will help you stay on track with our motivational content, habit-creation techniques, and impressive goals and achievements!

Inspire your friends

Share your progress with your friends anytime and motivate them to join you on your path towards the new healthy lifestyle!


Simple intermittent fasting app

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