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    Introducing Avo

    At SIMPLE, we’re driven by data. But that’s not the only thing that drives us. We’re also driven by a powerful commitment to help you achieve your goals.

    Our vision is to make improved health accessible to all. We want to get high-quality, health-supporting tools into the hands of as many people as possible (including you!). Our mission is to do that by translating cutting edge nutritional science and tech into simple, everyday solutions. To make sure we’re on the right track, we often ask our users what they need and build new product features off the back of that invaluable feedback.

    Avo, our new AI-powered chatbot, is the culmination of these three things — your feedback, our vision, and our mission. Let me tell you all about it, and introduce Avo as your newest ally on your health journey!

    Using your feedback: Avo is here to meet your needs

    Listening to our SIMPLE users told us that you were hungry for something that could support you in real time with healthy eating tips, healthy snack and meal ideas, and recipes for the ingredients you had at home. We understood that. Because, sure, most people have recipe books and access to internet search engines. But when we’re busy, out and about, juggling a hundred things at home or work, or just a bit frazzled and want things to be easy for a change, we crave simplicity.

    What if you could just tap open your SIMPLE app, ask Avo a quick question, and get the answer you need right then and there? Now you can!

    Serving our vision: Avo is another step towards making improved health accessible to all

    There are SIMPLE users all around the globe, and each one of you has distinct, unique needs.

    As an app, it’s challenging to offer live support as dynamically as we’d like. We want to be there at those crucial moments when important health decisions are being made. That includes the moments when you decide what to cook for dinner. What to snack on while commuting to work. What to buy in the grocery store. These are all small moments that have a huge impact on your health because they’re repeated over and over.

    With Avo, we can be there for you around the clock. The recent advancements in AI gave us that chance — to create a solution that gives you the information you need to make better choices, in the moments when you’re making them.

    Executing our mission: Avo is built to translate nutritional science into simple, everyday actions

    Nutrition is complex. At SIMPLE, we’re here to translate. Currently, we do that with:

    • our fasting tracker, which makes intermittent fasting clear and doable
    • our food and hydration trackers, which help you build self-awareness of your actions and choices
    • our content library, which takes you behind the scenes of your struggles and motivations, and lays bare the psychology and physiology of how weight loss works (and a lot more besides; there’s around 1800 articles in there!)

    Avo takes all that one step further by putting the specific information you ask for instantly into your hands.

    A look ahead: Avo will only get smarter

    Over time, Avo will get smarter. It’ll learn to support you better the more you interact with it, and it’ll understand how to offer useful suggestions across a broader range of topics and languages. That means increasingly more helpful answers to questions you have about your health journey, like these:

    Current status: Avo is ready to chat

    We’ll be rolling Avo out to our users gradually over the next few months. For now, Avo’s only available in English, but that will change over time — it’s eager to be a multilingual chatbot!  [Update as of July 21: Avo is now available to all of our iOS and Android users globally!]

    If you already have a SIMPLE account, you can start chatting with Avo now (don’t worry if you don’t see it in your app yet — it’s coming soon).

    That’s it for now. But stay tuned: we’ve got more exciting updates coming to the SIMPLE app in the next few months! In the meantime, let us know how Avo is making a difference in your health journey.