Let science lead the way

That’s our mantra here at SIMPLE and why our science experts are fully focused on making sure everything we produce is:

  • evidence-based
  • scientifically accurate
  • guided by the latest research

We’re here to steer you right.

Why we review our content

Your goal: Get out there and do what you can to be healthy, feel good, and enjoy your life.

Our mission: Provide science-backed, high-quality help that makes that all possible.

If you’ve ever read a research study, you’ll know — without the training and experience to make sense of it, you may as well be reading the instruction manual for a rocket ship. In a foreign language. That’s been through the washing machine and had every 4th word smudged.

Those who can translate science into real-world actions and then communicate them clearly so others can take those actions — we need those people. At SIMPLE, we are those people. We know improving your health can be a long, confusing road with lots of frustration and setbacks. And though we can’t do it for you, we can make it easier by putting evidence-based, solution-focused information directly into your hands.

We also have editorial guidelines in place to ensure all the content we write is relatable and actionable.

How we review our content

For us to earn your trust, the science that underpins what we say needs to be rock-solid. So no SIMPLE blog article is released to you without going through a science review first. We scour the scientific literature using PubMed and other well-respected databases and thoroughly analyze any citations to confirm they’re bang-on-the-money accurate.