Mike Prytkov



Relevant qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Applied IT in Economics, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

Professional background

  • Growth Advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence at Palta
  • Worked as COO & CMO of Appness, and CMO at Fotostrana.ru
  • Advisor to several companies, including Flo, Lensa, and Loona


Mike Prytkov is an accomplished leader in the tech industry, known for successfully scaling mobile-first companies within the digital health and wellness sector. As the co-founder and CEO of SIMPLE, Mike has expertly led the company to substantial growth.

Mike is dedicated to creating innovative, accessible digital solutions that people can use in their daily lives to improve their health. The SIMPLE app started out by simplifying intermittent fasting for millions of global users. Under Mike’s leadership, it continues to do that, as well as provide users with expert guidance on reaching their health goals, invaluable insights into their nutrition, daily support to build healthier habits, and more. 

As Growth Advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence at Palta, Mike also lends his invaluable expertise and insights to bolster the ambitions of other health and wellness startups. With his guidance, these companies continue to blossom just as SIMPLE does — reaching more people and changing more lives.

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