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    Athletic Greens* — or AG1 — is a supplement known for its nutrient density.

    But even if it contains health-promoting ingredients, can it interfere with your fasting goals? Does Athletic Greens break a fast? 

    Here’s the 4-1-1 on Athletic Greens and intermittent fasting.

    Will Athletic Greens break a fast? 

    Does drinking Athletic Greens break a fast? 

    The answer to “Will AG1 break a fast?” isn’t universal: it comes down to you and your fasting approach and goals. 

    The recommended serving of AG1 contains more than 10 calories, which is the widely accepted benchmark for how many calories you can consume during a fasting window without raising your insulin levels and breaking your fast. So, Athletic Greens does break a fast if you’re following that definition of fasting. 

    Curious if Athletic Greens affects your fast? Let’s break it down! Discover if this nutrient-packed supplement aligns with your intermittent fasting goals.

    BUT everyone’s fasting needs and responses are different, and you may not need such a strict calorie cut-off during fasting windows to see results like weight loss. 

    That’s why we always recommend consulting your healthcare provider rather than trying to work out “Will Athletic Greens break my fast?” yourself. They’re best-placed to consider the needs of you and your unique body, including whether intermittent fasting is safe for you in the first place. (This is especially important if you’re considering intermittent fasting to help with insulin resistance or other existing health conditions.) 

    If you’ve been cleared for takeoff on the fasting runway, we can help you get those engines firing and have a smooth flight to your destination. From general advice on what breaks a fast and what you can drink while fasting to personalized recommendations tailored to your fasting goals, we’re on hand to provide whatever support you need. Take our SIMPLE quiz to get started!

    What is Athletic Greens? 

    Sipping on Athletic Greens? Get the scoop on the power-packed ingredients of AG1 and its nutritional profile.

    AG1 is a daily multi-nutrient supplement that contains over 70 easily digestible ingredients focused on improving physical health and mental performance.

    It comes in water-soluble powder form and is NSF-certified for sport, which means it doesn’t contain any banned ingredients or substances (and thus is safe to use when competing in major sporting events). 

    Nutritional value 

    A one-scoop (12 g) serving of AG1 contains 50 calories, including: 

    • 6 g of carbs 
    • 2 g of protein
    • 2 g of fiber
    • 0 g of fat

    plus a whole slew of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. 

    Health benefits and possible drawbacks of using Athletic Greens while intermittent fasting

    Whether or not you can drink Athletic Greens while fasting, what do you stand to gain by blending AG1 and intermittent fasting? 

    The nutrients in AG1, and not AG1 itself, may support common fasting benefits like: 

    • improving heart health, metabolic health, and gut health [1–3]
    • boosting your immune system [4]
    • supporting cognition and concentration [5]

    Keep in mind that a lot of the nutrients found in AG1 can be found naturally in many whole foods — including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains — and the benefit of getting these nutrients through such sources is that you’re likely to absorb them better and also get other nutrients from the food. AG1 can be used as a means to close any possible nutritional gaps, but you should first consult your healthcare provider to explore if any gaps exist and if AG1 will work for you.

    Even if Athletic Greens and fasting can be simpatico, it’s also important to remember that — however and whenever you take them — supplements don’t agree with everyone.[6] For instance, while certain probiotics or prebiotics in AG1 might relieve digestive comfort for some, they may also cause bloating or cramps (which could also feel like temporary weight gain) for others.  

    Tips on using Athletic Greens during a fast 

    1. Consult your doctor. When it comes to mixing intermittent fasting and supplements, it’s not clear-cut which supplements in which contexts may affect your fast. Plus, some supplements may not be right for you. So, talk to your healthcare team about “Should I take AG1?” before you get into “Can I take Athletic Greens while fasting?”  
    2. Take Athletic Greens at the start of an eating window. Forget the stress of wondering, “Does AG1 break a fast?” by keeping it out of your fasting period. Bonus: taking AG1 on an empty stomach is recommended for better nutrient absorption, and we’re fans of breaking your fast with something nutrient dense and easy to digest. However, there’s also nothing wrong with breaking your fast using whole foods instead — the choice is up to you!

    Fill up on nutrient-dense foods. At SIMPLE, we prefer nutrients from natural sources, and you may not need AG1 if you’re getting everything you need from what you eat. Check out our guide on what to eat during intermittent fasting for ideas.

    *While we use the name Athletic Greens throughout this article for ease of understanding, it’s important to note that Athletic Greens is a registered trademark of Athletic Greens International, Inc. To learn more about Athletic Greens and its products, feel free to visit their website at https://drinkag1.com/.