Last update: September 03, 2021

This cookie notice applies to our website and its related pages, which are operated by and on behalf of Simple.Life Apps Inc, a Cyprus company.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser on your computer or mobile device. Some cookies are essential for a website to work and help us provide you with relevant information. The other ones allow us to recognize your computer and browser (but not you!) and to store your website preferences. Cookies from our website cannot read any information contained in your hard disk or read any cookie files created by other websites.

What cookies do we use?

Generally, there are many different ways to classify cookies. Most common ways are classification by duration, by provenance and by purpose.

Classified by their duration, there are:

  • Session cookies. Such cookies expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends).
  • Persistent cookies. Such cookies are stored on your hard drive until you erase them or until your browser erases them, depending on the cookie’s expiration date. All cookies have an expiration date, which is commonly embedded into their code.

Classified by their provenance, there are:

  • First-party cookies. Such cookies are put on your device directly from this website.
  • Third-party cookies. Such cookies are put on your device by a third party - e.g., by an advertiser or an analytic system.

Classified by their purpose, there are:

  • Strictly Necessary cookies. These are cookies that are essential for the operation of our website. Such cookies are generally first-party session cookies.
  • Functionality cookies. These cookies allow the website to recognize you when you return to our website and to remember your choices – for example, your preferred language, your username and password for automatic log in. Such cookies also assist in the provision of enhanced, personalized features that improve your web experience.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies collect the information about your usage of the website – for example, the pages that you visited or the links that you clicked on. All such information is anonymized, so it cannot be used to identify you. Such cookies are used solely to improve the website functionality – sometimes, by help of third-party analytic services.
  • Marketing cookies. These cookies track your online activity and they may be shared with other organizations or advertisers. Generally, such cookies are used by the advertisers to deliver more personalized advertising to you. These are commonly persistent cookies and most always of third-party provenance.

If you wish to have a better understanding of the cookies that we use, please take a look at the table below:

Name Description Duration Type
test_cookie Used to check if your browser supports cookies 1 day Third-party / Strictly Necessary
These cookies set by a third party (DoubleClick) and are used for serving targeted advertisements that are relevant to you across the web. Targeted advertisements may be displayed to you based on your previous visits to this website. These cookies also measure the conversion rate of ads presented to the user. 14 days
1 year
1 year
Third-party / Strictly Necessary
ID 1 year Third-party / Marketing
IDE Used by Google DoubleClick to register an d report the website user's action s after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser's ads with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an ad and to present targeted ads to the user. 1 year Third-party / Marketing
_ga (x2) Google Analytics registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how you use the website 2 years First-party / Performance
_gaexp Used to store ID's of experiments and sessions for A/B testing. 75 days First-party / Performance
Google Analytics cookie to throttle the request rate. 1 minute First-party / Performance
_gcl_au Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services Persistent First-party / Marketing
_gid (x2) Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how you use the website 1 day First-party / Performance
_pin_unauth Used by Pinterest to track the usage of services. 1 day First-party / Marketing
_rdt_uuid Used to track visitors on multiple websites, in order to present relevant advertisement based on the visitor's preferences. 3 months First-party / Marketing
_schn Tracks the individual sessions on the website, allowing the website to compile statistical data from multiple visits. This data can also be u sed to create leads for marketing purposes. Session First-party / Marketing
_scid Sets a unique ID for the visitor, that allows third party advertisers to target the visitor with relevant advertisement. This pairing service is provided by third party advertisement hubs, which facilitates real-time bidding for advertisers. 13 months First-party / Marketing
Registers unique ID that is used to generate statistics. 3 months First-party / Performance
Cookies used by Amplitude for analytics purposes 1 day First-party / Performance
datr Used by Facebook to identify the users browser 2 years Third-party / Marketing
dpr This cookie is used by Facebook for performance. Session Third-party / Marketing
fr Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers. Session Third-party / Marketing
_pinterest_ct_ua Used by Pinterest to track the use of services. 1 year Third-party / Marketing
Saves the information about log-on Reddit user for the purpose of the advertisement recommendation and updating the content, the content of the cookie is confirmed within the conditions of the Reddit use. 2 years Third-party / Marketing
Stripe uses these cookies to remember who you are and to enable the website to process any payments without storing any card information on its own servers. 1 year Third-party / Strictly Necessary
_fbp Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products 3 months Third-party / Marketing
sc_at Used by Snapchat to identify a visitor across multiple domains. 1 year Third-party / Marketing
m Determines the device used to access the website. This allows the website to be formatted accordingly. 2 years Third-party / Strictly Necessary
t_gid Assigns a unique User ID that Taboola uses for attribution and reporting purposes. 1 year First-party / Functionality
siteCountryCode Saves the user’s previews country code in cases where there are visits from multiple countries for the same user 999 days First-party / Functionality
siteState Maintains a record of the user’s state for legal compliance purposes. 999 days First-party / Functionality
vuex Registers whether the user is logged in. This allows the website owner to make parts of the website inaccessible, based on the user's log-in status. Session First-party / Srtictly Necessary
personalization_id Th is cookie is set by Twitter. The cookie allows the visitor to share content from the website onto their Twitter profile. 2 years Third-party / Performance
X-AB Th is cookie is used by the website’s operator in con text with multi-variate testing. This is a tool used to combine or change content on the website. This allows the website to find the best variation /edition of the site. 1 day Third-party / Performance
_/ad/#/pixel Collects data on user behaviour and interaction in order to optimize the website and make advertisement on the website more relevant. Session Third-party / Marketing
eng_mt Tracks the conversion rate between the user and the advertisement banners on the website - This serves to optimise the relevance of the advertisements on the website. Persistent First-party / Marketing
i/adsct The cookie is used by in order to determine the number of visitors accessing the website through twitter advertisement content. Session Third-party / Marketing
pagead/1p-user-list/# Tracks if the user has shown interest in specific products or events across multiple websites and detects how the user navigates between sites. This is used for measurement of advertisement efforts and facilitates payment of referral fees between websites. Session Third-party / Marketing
rp.gif Necessary for the implementation of the's share button function. Session Third-party / Marketing
tr Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisemen t products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers. Session Third-party / Marketing
v3 Used by Pinterest to track the usage of services. Session Third-party / Marketing

Considering turning off and deleting cookies?

When you use our site, we’ll give you a choice to consent to all of the cookies we’ve listed above (except for the ‘Strictly Necessary Cookies”, which are collected automatically). You can revoke your consent to accept any cookies and delete them by activating the respective setting on your browser. By that means you can delete already set cookies and choose not to accept the new ones. If you use different devices to view and access our website (for example, your computer, smartphone, tablet etc.), you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences.

Please note that if you disable the cookies that we use, this may impact your experience while on the website.

Should you need more information on the cookie settings for the most popular browsers, you can follow the links below:

Want to learn more?

You can find more information about the cookies and the way they function by visiting the websites below:

Everything changes…

And this cookie notice may change from time to time, too. Nonetheless, stay tuned! Any changes made to our cookie notice in the future will be posted on our website so that you can always access the up-to-date version.

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