When to Drink Coffee If You Had a Poor Night’s Sleep

When to Drink Coffee If You Had a Poor Night’s Sleep

A new study on coffee sheds light on how it affects blood sugar levels when consumed right after a night of broken sleep.

When enjoyed in moderate amounts, coffee is considered a relatively healthy beverage. For example, it is an excellent source of antioxidants, and it has a positive effect on your body’s ability to burn fat. However, in some cases, people better postpone their morning coffee to avoid the negative impact on metabolic health, a recent study warns.

Researchers from the Centre for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism at the University of Bath (UK) tested blood samples from three groups of adults. They had discovered that drinking strong black coffee before breakfast hindered the body’s ability to tolerate sugar by around 50% in participants who had a poor night’s sleep

It seems entirely rational to have a cup of strong coffee first thing in the morning if you haven’t had enough time to sleep at night. However, given the study’s findings, you better drink your coffee after breakfast. Otherwise, authors say, you may harm the body’s metabolic control, which will increase your risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease.


Drink Coffee After Breakfast, Not Before, for Better Metabolic Control