How Dark Chocolate May Be Helpful In Losing Weight

How Dark Chocolate May Be Helpful In Losing Weight

Dark chocolate is known as one of the healthiest dessert options for those who have a sweet tooth. Delightfully, it’s consumption is associated with enhanced brain function, better heart health, and decreased inflammation. Few know that eating dark chocolate may assist in weight loss. 

  • First of all, scientific publications suggest dark chocolate may decrease hunger and promote feelings of satiety. Which helps lose weight, for example, one small research showed participants felt less hungry and more full after eating dark chocolate, compared to milk chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate can also improve your body’s insulin sensitivity. This considerably contributes to weight loss as well.
  • Last but certainly, not least, dark chocolate actually has a positive effect on mental health and mood in particular. This is also a reason why dark chocolate is good for those who want to lose weight. Stressed out people often attempt to find relief in comfort food; whereas, calm and relaxed people have greater control over their cravings. As an example, Healthline reports, “according to one study in 13,626 people, those who consumed higher amounts of dark chocolate had 57% lower odds of experiencing depressive symptoms than those who did not regularly consume dark chocolate.” 

However, there’s one downside to dark chocolate, it’s high in calories and frequently contains added sugar. To avoid undesirable weight gain, health experts recommend buying only high-quality dark chocolate as it is usually lower in sugar and has a higher cocoa percentage (choose at least 70%). They say the optimal daily portion is 1 ounce (28 grams).


Can Dark Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?