For Better Sleep, Read a Book Before Bed

For Better Sleep, Read a Book Before Bed

Having trouble falling asleep can be frustrating. New evidence suggests the solution might be reading a good book before bedtime.

According to the week-long study from Ireland, reading a book instead of scrolling through social network feed before going to bed is a great pick. 

The study

The research team recruited 991 people from 43 countries and randomly divided them into two groups: 

  • Group 1 – Read a book before bed.
  • Group 2 – those who didn’t read before bed.

After seven days, as much as 42% of participants from group 1 reported better sleep quality. 

It’s fascinating that the lead author Professor Declan Devane said the study’s findings inspired him to start reading before bed.

How does reading promote better sleep?

Scientific evidence shows reading can be a fantastic tool for relaxation. For example, research from the University of Sussex showed participants’ stress levels significantly reduced after only 6 minutes of reading a book. Reading was more effective than walking, listening to music, or drinking tea/coffee. 

Another reason to choose a book is to better prepare you for sleeping over electronic screens before bedtime because the Blue light from TV, laptops, and phones suppresses melatonin production, often called a ‘hormone of sleep.’ 


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