Can Rapeseed Replace Soy in Meatless Burgers?

Can Rapeseed Replace Soy in Meatless Burgers

Soy regularly used to create meat substitute products, but will a new study open the door to enriching the human diet with new protein sources?

At the moment, soy is considered the best plant-based source of protein as it contains essential amino acids that your body can’t synthesize by itself. Nutrition scientists at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg conducted a study to see if rapeseed has the potential to become a successful alternative to soy.

The study was designed the way that researchers “were able to assess the acute metabolic response of each study participant to the dietary treatments,” said authors. The analysis showed rapeseed protein and soy protein had a very similar impact on participants’ metabolic parameters and cardiovascular risk factors. 

Although, rapeseed protein might be a better choice, because:

  • Compared to soy protein, it produced a slightly more beneficial insulin response in the body.
  • It helped study participants feeling fuller for a longer, compared to when they had a soy meal.

Its production is eco-friendly. Currently, rapeseed is cultivated in Europe to extract rapeseed oil, and the by-products of this process can be used to create protein-rich foods for people. 

The possible weak spot of rapeseed is that it has a mustard flavor, but overall “rapeseed appears to be a valuable alternative to soy in the human diet,” says nutritionist Christin Volk.


Rapeseed instead of soy burgers: researchers identify a new source of protein for humans


But, rapeseed is generally a crop that is very genetically-modified. I avoid it at all costs and I also avoid these ‘fake’ foods. They are usually MUCH higher in sodium as well.

Hi! Thanks for your comment! It all depends on the manufacturer. If the product has proper eco/bio certification, then genetically modified raw materials shouldn’t be used. Otherwise, rapeseed and soybeans both may not be the safest option, so we suggest choosing meat substitutes with proper certification.

In any case, if you abstain from meat products, you need to be very careful when choosing a replacement. Fortunately, there are many great producers who make high-quality products with average to low sodium content. We’re not insisting anyone choose rapeseed as a meat substitute — we’re just highlighting a new option for those who might be searching for one. 🙂