Partner’s Support Helps Lose Weight

Partner’s Support Helps Lose Weight

Recent study looked at what happens when a patient’s spouse contributes to adopting healthy habits.

People who strive for weight loss are almost 3x more likely to reach their goal if they have a supporting partner, a new study found. 

Amsterdam researchers monitored 411 heart attack survivors’ success as part of a one-year program, aimed at reducing their weight. Participants’ spouses were encouraged to join in the intervention for free. Almost half (48%) of partners did, if only for one day. 

Patients who had a participating partner were 2,71 times more successful in losing weight, compared to those without a partner or those who didn’t receive the partner’s support.

“Couples often have comparable lifestyles and changing habits is difficult when only one person is making the effort,” study author Lotte Verweij said. “Practical issues come into play, such as grocery shopping, but also psychological challenges, where a supportive partner may help maintain motivation.”


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