How Oral Health Is Affected By Summer Habits

How Oral Health Is Affected By Summer Habits

There’s a possibility you might want to adjust your summer diet and improve oral care after looking at these survey’s findings.

Prevention is often the best strategy for good health — this applies to oral health too. Here’s what we can learn from a recently conducted dental health survey, which included 615 participants.

  1. Dentists say the most common tooth-friendly summer habit is including more fresh fruit and vegetables in the daily diet. For example, bananas are rich in magnesium that restores tooth enamel. Vitamin C from citrus helps maintain healthy gums. Dark, leafy greens and broccoli contain generous amounts of calcium.
  2. On the other hand, drinking juices is a summer habit that harms oral health the most. Fruit juice is an acidic drink, often containing added sugar. These qualities make juice, especially packaged, a threat to teeth’s health. 
  3. Researchers expected to see that summer lifestyle changes may disrupt the usual oral care routine. However, 60% of respondents reported improved oral care during summertime and only 16% said they often neglected tooth brushing and flossing.
  4. We are often tempted by ice cream, lemonades, cocktails, frozen desserts, and other sugary treats during summer. This found a reflection in the survey. 48% of respondents said they consume more sweetened food and drinks throughout the summer months. Meanwhile, less than 20% of participants were able to actually reduce the amount of sugar in their daily meal plan.


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