Afternoon Hummus Snack Improves Diet Quality

Afternoon Hummus Snack Improves Diet Quality

The amount of snacks Americans eat has doubled, over 40 years. Health professionals are not satisfied that snacking is healthy. A recent study advises having small quantities of hummus between lunch and dinner. It can even curb your hunger for a longer time and boost your alertness throughout the day.

While snacking, a person can consume almost a quarter of their daily calories. Snacking can lead to severe weight gain, even insulin resistance. However, a snack that is nutritious but low in sugar, the health advantages could be more advantageous than having nothing.  

One healthier option could be hummus, which is becoming more readily available globally. Hummus is an efficient source of a plant-based protein that has healthy fats and vitamins. It’s delicious and easy to make at home.

Research that compared three snacking alternatives 

Heather Leidy, an associate professor of nutritional sciences, from the University of Texas at Austin. Recruited 39 healthy adults, for a study to: “Determine whether a lower-sugar afternoon hummus snack compared with a common higher-sugar snack improves diet quality, appetite, satiety, and glycemic control compared with no snacking.” The participants were offered different options for snacking:

  • granola bar (240 kcal)
  • red pepper hummus and pretzel crisps (240 kcal)
  • no snack at all

The analysis showed the following: 

  • Participants consumed 20% less unhealthy sugar desserts on days when they had hummus, compared to days when they had granola bars or no snack at all. 
  • Compared to other snack options, eating hummus was associated with improved blood sugar levels.
  • Participants ate more vegetables on days when they had hummus.
  • People were feeling less hungry before dinner on hummus days.
  • Leidy was surprised to discover that “hummus left people feeling more alert throughout the rest of the day.”

The study was 3 weeks long. However, the health implication of eating hummus as a snack will probably be, investigated, with longer trials.


An Afternoon Hummus Snack Affects Diet Quality, Appetite, and Glycemic Control in Healthy Adults

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