Happy Couples Demonstrate Higher Creativity At Work

Happy Couples Demonstrate Higher Creativity At Work

Hong Kong researchers investigated if satisfying marriages and family relationships influence employee’s workplace creativity and their ability to be innovative.

Key points:

  • Happy marriages and relationships promote higher creativity at work.
  • This creativity boost is only observed in less creative employees.
  • Researchers advise companies should not neglect family-friendly policies.

Many organizations are focusing more and more on shaping a comfortable work environment to maximize employees’ productivity. But often they underestimate the impact family-friendly policies have on workers’ creative potential. Professor Xu Huang from the School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University in his latest research discovered these interconnections:

  • Employees that are satisfied with their relationships or marriages show a significant increase in their creativity at work. 
  • When an employee’s partner is also feeling happy, this effect is more noticeable and boosts their ability to generate innovative solutions at work even more.
  • What’s interesting, this positive overflow was only observed in less creative individuals, as highly creative people don’t rely as much on resources from a happy relationship. 
  • On the other hand, if the employee’s home environment is unpleasant, it negatively affects his/her work performance.

For organizations to increase innovative capabilities, researchers recommend providing family-friendly policies, especially marriage-related measures. They say there are many ways to do that, whether it’s offering relationship-counseling services or letting an employee a day off on his/her marriage anniversary. In the end, such measures will benefit both the employee and the company.


Happy marriage is key to employee creativity and innovation